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AC-DC Consultronic

Melbourne, Australia

AC-DC Consultronic is an Australian owned, Melbourne based engineering consulting company, providing professional services on a broad range.


Since its inception in 1983, AC-DC Consultronic has purposely maintained a low profile but has nevertheless accumulated a track record of special and unusual, but successful projects and services to the automation industry.


A listing of projects, customers and applications can be provided on request!


Continuous exposure by AC-DC Consultronic's Senior Consultant to modern, leading edge control equipment, systems technology and quality management methodologies have generated a sound base of experience and expertise which can be applied to solve complex automation engineering requirements appropriately and cost effective.


Providing “Old fashioned” Service to customers however is not simply something that is announced lightly but it is taken very seriously indeed.


(One industrial automation customer recently remembered our excellent work and service some eight (8) years later and was extremely pleased we were still in business!)


Effective automation not only requires knowledge in electrical, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and operational concepts, but the capacity to comprehend and to work to requirements.


AC-DC Consultronic's founder and principal is a qualified, overseas and locally trained, professional engineer with some 30 years in the control automation industry.


AC-DC Consultronic does on demand or for specialised requirements, supplement its services by utilising associates or associate companies, where the expertise and or resources capacity exceed those available “In House”.

Associates can be called upon to provide additional services in areas such as:


  • JIT, S.P.C., CAD/CAM, Logistics, Material Handling


  • System and Productivity Analyses


  • Layout and Design Studies


  • Communications, Computers, SCADA Systems


  • PLC Programming


  • Switchboard manufacturing


  • Electrical Installations (Industrial)


  • ISO 9000: 1994; 2000 and QS 9000 Certifications and Training


  • Cost Reduction


  • Desktop Publishing for presentations


    Remuneration for services rendered can be negotiated and structured as flexible as required, on an hourly, daily, weekly or fixed basis.


    Additionally, expenses are charged at cost plus 10% while lump sum (Fixed) price services are subject to prior estimation and negotiation. (Excluding GST, where applicable).



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