Rene-Gaspard (1611-1674)

de la Croix


Marquis de Castries, Marquid de Varambon

René-Gaspard de la Croix



Rene-Gaspard de la Croix


Born: 1611 Castries, Herault, Languedoc, France



Died:22 Aug 1674 Chateau de Castries, Languedoc, France



Titles and Occupation:

3rd. Comte de Castries puis 1st. Marquis de Castries, Marquis de Varambon - in the Franche-Comté, Baron de Gourdièges and Castelnan etc. State Councillor, Lieutenant-General in Languedoc, Governor Sommieres, Governor and Senechal of Montpellier.


Portrait: Personal archives


  1. Croix, Hussain de la,. Documents. de la Croix Family Archives, Karlsruhe, Germany. Digitized Personal Archives.

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