Henri-Marie (1850-1927)

de la Croix


Comte de Castries

Colonel Henri-Marie de la Croix de Castries



Henri-Marie de la Croix


Born: 29 Dec 1850 Paris, France



Died: 10 May 1927 Paris, France







Titles and Occupation:

Comte de Castries, Historian. Envoy to Algeria. Officer of Indigenous affairs, Colonel d'Infanterie, conseiller général du canton de Louroux-Beconnais (Maine-et-Loire)


Portrait: Personal archives

Comte Henry de La Croix de Castries was a French writer and was also a lieutenant in the French Army in Algeria and who spent a long time in North Africa. Among his books, a mention may be made of Les Signes De Validation Des Chérifs Sâdiens; L'Islam, Impressions Et Etudes; and others.


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