Richard (1824-1902)

de la Croix


Dr. Jurist, Richard de la Croix (1824-1902)

Dr. Jurist, Richard de la Croix

  • Born: 17 May 1824, Berlin, Prussia
  • Died: 9 Dec 1902, Berlin, Prussia



Ministerial director


1841-44 - Study of Law, Berlin

1844 - Apprenticeship (Auskultator)

1846 - Ref.

1850 - Assistant KG

1853 - Assistant at the Kulturministerium

1861-1864 - Konsistorialrath and member of the ProvSchulkollegium Brandenburg

1864 - Geheime Regierungsrath Kulturministerium

1870 - Geheime Oberegierungsrath

1875-96 - Member of the Gerichtshof zur Entscheidung der Komptenz-Konflikte (Judge)

1881 - Wirkliche Geheime Regierungsrath

1882 - Ministerial Director

1892 - Wirkliche Geheimerath


Note: Geheimrath:

Richard de la Croix was from 1853 employed as an assistance consultant at the Ministary of Culture and from 1861 he was a member of the Consistory of the Mark Brandenburg.


In 1864 he was a lecturing councclor at the Ministry of Culture.


Between 1871 and 1872 he was acting director of the Spiritual (Geistlichen Abteilung) Department and after that was employed again in the teaching department.


Between 1880 and 1890 he was head of public education, and finally from 1890 to 1897 director of the higher education systems.


Richard de la Croix also registered the de la Croix arms in 1854 in Magdeburg, which can been see in Rietstaps Ammorial.



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