Frédéric Guillaume Ferdinand (1804-1881)

de la Croix


Frédéric Guillaume Ferdinand de la Croix (1804-1881)

Frédéric Guillaume Ferdinand de la Croix

  • Born: 21 Feb 1804, Berlin, Prussia
  • Died: 31 Oct 1881 in Kersö manor in Ekerö parish, Sweden



Restaurant director

Student of Court Confectionerist V. Conradi in Berlin from Easter 1819 to Easter 1825; worked in. patisserie profession in Berlin, Magdeburg (1826-27) and Hanover (1827-28); arrived in Stockholm in 1831 and was recorded there in the Register of foreign travelers as "de la Croix. Preußischer minion, conditor journeyman"; was from June 1, 1831 to Autumn 1832 apprentice of the Swiss, and later Court Confectionerist AK Behrens, which held the patisserie at Queen Street and the hotel Garni in the block Rosenbad.


The April 23 1832 graduated "faithful, huldhets and borgared" and received by Royal resolution on November 10 1832 against the confectioner's office protests the right to exercise sugar bakery handling.

Opened in the mid 1830s, the patisserie "Cafe Allemande" at No. 8 Malmtorgsgatan, which he held until 1842, and Swiss restaurant Pavillon du Bazar in the North Bridge bazaar in autumn 1839; opened the so-called De la Croix's Salon at Brunke-bergstorg November 2 1843; purchased the 1857 manor Kersö on Ekerön and settled, after having retired from business, there in the 1870s.


Married 3 December 1833 Helena Jacobi from Königsberg, b. 16 feb. 1802 in Stolpe, born March 4, 1888 in Stockholm.



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